The new “epic fail”
A relatively new internet meme that is quickly gaining popularity.
A gesture used to empathise the hopelessness of someone else after they do or say something extremely retarded.

Hand tattoo:

A permanent reminder of a temporary feeling.
On your hand.

Hand tattoo facepalm:

Combining the best of both worlds.

Thanks to Polly, Ama & Simon

Definitions: urbandictionary


Fashion rule n° 137:
Always, ALWAYS match the food you eat to the outfit you’re wearing.
An end-of-season orange coat calls for pumpkin soup. A green jumpsuit should get you in the mood for a monocolored salad.
And when you’re in a cupcake with sprinkles kind of mood, you better be wearing embellished pumps and polka dot jeans. Just sayin’.





Satin Mary Janes: Prada
Skinny: H&M

Pictures by Christel Geelen


So this is what happens when you put an innocent little fashionista in a rugby team and make her rough around in the mud.
To be continued… 



Pictures by Bea Uhart


Te oud om in bomen te klauteren? Om met Barbies te spelen of in de verkleedkoffer te duiken? Ha. Live the dream, I say. Doe het gewoon lekker allemaal tegelijk! En zolang je het niet élke dag doet, gaan de mensen nog niet eens zo raar opkijken. Het in een Chaneljurk doen, kan je professionele credibiliteit ook een beetje redden.
Niets zo bevrijdend als weer lekker even kinds zijn, die volwassenenwereld bleek toch niet altijd helemaal jedat.

Too old to climb trees? To play with Barbie dolls or dress-up? Ha. Live the dream, I say. Why not just do those things all at once? People won’t even think any less of you, as long as you restrain yourself from doing it every day. Doing it in a Chanel dress might be a good plan, just to make sure you don’t loose any of that professional credibility.
There is nothing as liberating as reliving your childhood once in a while, this grown-up world doesn’t always prove to be all that anyway.


Dream House Barbie being helped up the tree by Cougar Barbie.


Epic posing with Laure.


I’m wearing: Chanel dress, Ciao Ragazzi pumps
Laure’s wearing: A.P.C. jumper and pants, Paule Ka sandals

Pictures by Caroline Henderickx

You need new stuff. 
Let me tell you what stuff you need.
It’s this stuff.  



This is me preparing the ‘Shopping’ pages for ELLE België. Check them out in the September issue. You know, to make sure you get all the exact stuff you need.


Scarf: Roos Vandekerckhove
Beenie: Aymara
Sweater: Chauncey
Skirt: Agnès B
Red bag: Gérard Darel
iPad casing: Atelier Marchal
Yellow purse: Bensimon
Fluffy bag: Patrizia Pepe
Green sandals: Robert Clergerie
Blue pumps: Miezko
Sparkly pumps: Mellow Yellow

Picture by Reporters